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Folly, The
19th Century
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Group of mainly Victorian houses that form a distinct community leading up out of the Lea valley

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The Folly is a group of houses leading down to the Lower Luton Road.  Unlike any other in the area, it almost resembles a fishing village.

In 1841, there were just five houses here, all occupied by agricultural labourers.  The railway arrived in Wheathampstead in 1860 and by 1871 The Folly had 49 houses with 231 inhabitants.  Four of these were platelayers whose job was to inspect and maintain the railway.  In 1901, residents included three platelayers, one railway porter and an engine driver.

The name “The Folly” may be derived from the fulling mill that is shown on the 1767 map.  Fulling is a stage in making woollen cloth that involves cleaning it and making it thicker.

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Folly, Lower Luton Road

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