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Cromwell Piggeries
20th Century
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Former piggery built by the family who owned Helmets, once one of Wheathampstead’s main factories

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Cromwell Piggeries were built by the Noblett family who owned the Helmets factory that flourished in Wheathampstead for most of the 20th century.

The story goes that in 1926 Thomas Noblett asked his eldest son, Tom, then aged 16, “What was the name of that fellow who led the Ironsides in the Civil War?”

“Oliver Cromwell,” answered his son.

“Cromwell!  That's the chap!  That's what I shall call my helmets.”

And Cromwell – he was, after all, The Lord Protector – duly became the brand name for the company's helmets.

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Cromwell Piggeries, Helmets

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