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Tin Pot, The
Grade II listed
17th Century
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Former public house where the Wicked Lady is said to have kept her horse

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The Tin Pot, a former public house, is grade II listed.








It is situated at the northern end of Gustard Wood Common.  “Gustard” is a reference to the gorse and juniper found on this acid heathland.

The 17th century building is connected to the “Wicked Lady” highwaywoman - generally believed to have been Lady Katherine Ferrers of Markyate - who waylaid weary travellers (possibly bound for the coaching inns in St Albans) at Nomansland Common, just to the south of Wheathampstead.  Legend has it that she kept a horse here and that it was the location for secret assignations with her accomplice.

Local legend also has it that the price of a pint was highway robbery!

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For further information about the Grade II listing of The Tin Pot, follow the link below to the English Heritage website.


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Tin Pot, Ferrers, Wicked Lady, Gustard

Ferrers: Wicked Lady PH, The  

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Gustard: St Peter’s Church  

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