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Wicked Lady PH, The
19th Century
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Pub named after the notorious highwaywoman, Lady Katherine Ferrers

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Like nearby Ferrers Lane, this pub and restaurant opposite Nomansland Common is named after the highwaywoman Lady Katherine Ferrers (1634-1660).

Apparently Katherine was forced into an early marriage to Thomas Fanshawe, who spent a lot of time away at war.  It is said that he sold off much of what they owned.

Whether because of this or whether out of sheer boredom, Katherine took to highway robbery, working with her accomplice (and possibly also her lover) Ralph Chaplin.

In the end she was fatally shot and, according to legend, she now haunts the Common.

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Ferrers, Nomansland, Chaplin, Wicked Lady

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Wicked Lady: Tin Pot, The  

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