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Cherry Trees Restaurant
19th Century
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Now a restaurant, this was formerly a public house serving the Marshalls Heath and Leasey Bridge areas

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The Cherry Trees Restaurant, formerly the Cherry Trees public house, was once one of twenty-six public houses and beer-houses in the parish of Wheathampstead.

In 1901, it was called “The Travellers' Friend”.  The 1911 census lists one public house and two beer houses nearby in The Folly.

A beer-house was so-called because the only alcoholic refreshment it could serve was beer.  At one time, for a small fee payable to the local excise officer, anyone could brew and sell beer.  This led to many shopkeepers, particularly in villages, selling beer alongside their shop wares.

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Cherry Tree, Marshalls Heath, Leasey Bridge

Cherry Tree: Cherry Tree Lane  

Marshalls Heath: Marshalls Heath  Rose Lane  

Leasey Bridge: Cherry Tree Lane  Leasey Bridge  Leasey Bridge Lane  

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