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Cherry Trees Restaurant
19th Century
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Now a restaurant, this was formerly a public house serving the Marshalls Heath and Leasey Bridge areas

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The Cherry Trees Restaurant, formerly the Cherry Trees public house, was once one of twenty-seven public houses and beer-houses in the parish of Wheathampstead.

In 1866, it was called "The Three Cherry Trees" and in 1891 “The Traveller's Friend”.  The 1911 census lists three more licensed premises nearby at The Folly.

A beer-house was so-called because the only alcoholic refreshment it could serve was beer.  Following the 1930 Beerhouse Act, anyone could pay two guineas a year for a licence from the Excise and then brew and sell beer from their home or shop. This led to many shopkeepers, particularly in villages, selling beer alongside their shop wares.

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Cherry Tree, Marshalls Heath, Leasey Bridge

Cherry Tree: Cherry Tree Lane  

Marshalls Heath: Marshalls Heath  Rose Lane  

Leasey Bridge: Cherry Tree Lane  Leasey Bridge  Leasey Bridge Lane  

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