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Slad, The
Scheduled monument
Iron Age
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Iron age earthwork that probably formed part of a larger fortification

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As you cross Beech Hyde Lane – the route of a Roman road – to take the footpath to Coleman Green, you can see a line of trees in the distance on your left.  These trees indicate the position of the Slad.

This ditch is slightly smaller than Devil's Dyke but was almost certainly constructed at the same time and formed the opposite side of the ‘oppidum' or settlement that the Catuvellauni are believed to have established here.

The Slad is not open to the public.

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For further information about the Slad, follow the link below to the English Heritage website.


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Slad, Devils Dyke, Catuvellauni, oppidum

Slad: Beech Hyde Farm  

Devils Dyke: Beech Hyde Farm  

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