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Lamer House
20th Century
Lamer House

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Once the home of the Garrard family, a Tudor mansion house on this site was replaced in 1761 by a Georgian style house, which was in turn demolished to make room for the existing house in 1949.

The stable block is 18th century.  The 16th century walled garden and the early 17th century Doric portal on the south side of the garden extension, which came from the front of Lamer House in the early 20th century, are both listed.


Charles I stayed here overnight in April 1646 having fled from the third siege of Oxford. He was hoping to escape by sea but in fact surrendered to the Scottish Presbyterian army at Newark. They handed him over to Parliament in 1647 and he was executed in 1649.  

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Lamer, Garrard, Charles

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