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The House and Oakley Families of the Grove Farm  1742-1911

A simple guide to processing LIDAR data in CGIS

Intriguing History from Luton Lane

Out and About in Wheathampstead

The demolition of Town Farm 1971

Garden House

Discovering a fulling mill at Wheathampstead

Exploring the medieval fields of Wheathampstead, c.1315

Jesse Chennells: a distinguished resident of 19th century Wheathampstead

Barclays Bank, Wheathampstead

The Notorious Rector of Wheathampstead and his Unfortunate Curate

The Rector's Son-in-law and the First Cuckoo

Automatic Telephones come to Wheathampstead

The Wheathampstead Workhouse: a speculative history

An Accident on the Railway: 1875

Charles Higby Lattimore: a biography

Chapel, Church, School and Sewage Works: 1876

De Havilland Air Crash: 1939

John of Wheathampstead: a biography

From The Folly to the Old Bailey

Captain George Upton Robins: Pilgrimage and Battlefield Tourism in 1919

What have the Belgians ever done for us?

A History of the Wheathampstead War Memorials

Lost Buildings of the High Street

The Manor of Wheathampstead

Julius Caesar's Invasion of Britannia

Ward Family Origins

Wheathampstead Sewage Works from 1873 to 1953



Research about St Helen's School

Thomas Clark, Master from 1891 to 1927

The Early Years of the Infants' School

The School in the Great War


The House and Oakley Families of the Grove Farm  1742-1911