The Romans & Nomansland

Walk along ancient thoroughfares created by Romans and Saxons. Stroll through the picturesque and historic hamlets of Coleman Green, Cromer Hyde and Nomansland and finally enjoy stunning views across Wheathampstead and beyond.     Download printable map (in PDF format)

To begin: Turn left out of the East Lane car park and follow Meads Lane for about 200 yards to the open space by the river. Walk straight ahead across the grass to the footpath on the right-hand side of the smallholding. Follow this footpath until you reach Sheepcote Lane. Turn right.

Distance: 7.8 miles

Refreshments available: John Bunyan, Coleman Green; Crooked Chimney, Cromer Hyde; Wicked Lady, Nomansland Common; Village Centre

To get information about the sites of interest on this trail please click on the numbered point on the map below or use one of the links below.

The Romans and Nomansland Trail