The Brian Joyce archive


Nearly 25 years ago, Wheathampstead resident Brian Joyce set out to build a Wheathampstead Community website. In those days there was no “off-the-shelf” website design software; Brian taught himself how to code in HTML and, in the following years, created the website Wheathampstead.netThe site became an invaluable source of information about the local community and local history.

Later, when Brian was finding it difficult to maintain the website, he asked the History Society to help and gave us copies of all his files. When the site closed down after Brian passed away, the Society decided to preserve the content.

It has not been possible, for technical reasons, simply to transfer Brian's files to our website so we have converted them all into compatible formats.  

Right from the start in 2001, Brian contacted many residents and former residents (whom he called ‘Expatriates') asking them for anything they had written about the history of their family or for their memories of life in the village. Responses came from all over the world and make up an important archive for local historians. We have assembled these into a separate webpage MemoriesWe will add to this page the many memories that members of the Society have recorded in recent years. 

The pages of information about local activities, businesses etc were last updated in 2016 and are therefore out of date. They are nevertheless an important snapshot of village life at that time and can be found by clicking  on the links below. These pages will not be amended or added to.

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