The Grierson interviews


In 1956, Lady Daphne Grierson, niece of the 10th Earl of Cavan, recorded some elderly residents of Wheathampstead recalling life in the village, at school, at home, at work and at leisure in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The recordings were transcribed by John Wilson of Lamer Lodge between 1987 and 2002.



Chapter 1             Mr and Mrs Rolfe, The Slype

Chapter 2             Percy Smith and Harry Westwood

Chapter 3             Mrs Potter, Mrs Griffin, Mrs Harris and Mr McCulloch

Chapter 4             Mr Wren, Mr Tom Allen

Chapter 5             Mrs Smallwood, Miss Hawkins

Chapter 6             Miss Rainsdon, Mrs Maltby, Mrs Brunt

Chapter 7             Mr C.Collins and Mr F.Harding

Chapter 8 (pt.1)   Mrs Gape and Mrs Lindley

Chapter 8 (pt.2)   Mrs Gape and Mrs Lindley

Chapter 9            Mrs T.Sparrow

Chapter 10          Various voices

Chapter 11          Going home